Lynelda’s Coconut Damper

An Australian staple food with an tropical twist, Lyndela’s coconut damper is great with stews or curries but stands alone accompanied with butter. If you love the carbs this is for you.


Cooking time: 45min | Feeds: 4 | Difficulty: easy | Spicy: none


  • 2 x cup self raising flour
  • 1 x cup powder milk
  • 1 x cup dedicated coconut
  • 1 x cup water
  • pinch of salt


1. Place all dry ingredients into a large bowl

DAMPER dry2. Stir ingredients well and then add your water.

DAMPER water3. Mix together evenly.

DAMPER mix14. Form into a solid dough ball.DAMPER mix25. Put a bit of flour on the bench and knead until its one solid mass. Dont over knead.DAMPER mix36. Because I couldn’t find my baking tin I decided to bake them in 4 small dishes. So I rolled the dough into a log.DAMPER roll7. Cut the log into 4 even pieces and greased the inside of the small baking dishes.

DAMPER cut8. They fit perfectly like little babies ready to go to sleep.

DAMPER bowls9. Into the oven at 200deg for 30mins, a nice and slow bake. You can tell when they are getting ready when the damper smell fills the house.

DAMPER oven10. Tap the top of the damper with a knife, if it sounds hollow then its ready.

DAMPER bake11. Leave to cool or eat warm with lots of butter 🙂

DAMPER final Enjoy!